A Slow Descent into Ravenloft

The Second and Third Waves

Nazin Redthorn’s cunning minion sent another wave of soldiers into the gaol – sentries from the battlements, and a couple of well-armoured Dragonborn soldiers. These too were dispatched, though at great cost – Imeral fell in battle but, where his corpse should have been, a strange glowing light appeared…

After a pause – his awful, frustrated shouting audible even from the lowest floor of the tower – Redthorn’s lieutenant himself joined the fray, flanked by a Warforged dark adept and two hobgoblin sellswords. You concentrated your strikes on this nameless leader and, though his attacks frequently hit home, he was eventually defeated, as was the Warforged adept. The hobgoblins wisely fled, leaving ‘Iron Keep’ ripe for the retaking.

To all intents and purposes, the Iron Circle in Harken have been defeated – but at great cost. Geeves is unconscious and on the verge of death. Imeral has disappeared. The rest of you are drained and exhausted – but triumphant. Baron Stockmer has been rescued and, in time, will surely send soldiers from Harkenwold to aid Kiris Alkirk in his plans to reconquer Kiris Dahn and vanquish the Severed Eye orcs.

But questions remain unanswered. What has happened to Imeral? Who was Redthorn’s lieutenant – and what was he carrying? What will happen to the remaining Iron Circle forces, and will Geeves still be alive to enjoy their defeat? And where did the Warforged, used by the Iron Circle, originate? Legends say that the mechanical men were created by a strange dwarven faction, long ago, and that some awful fate befell them…



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